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Selected work

Nature Communications, 2024

We have developed dipeptide coacervates with enhanced stability and hydrophobic properties that enable the encapsulation of transition metal-based catalysts. These artificial organelles can be incorporated into cells to drive non-biological chemical reactions, offering new opportunities for biomimetic materials and applications in catalysis and synthetic biology.


ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2023

We have developed a microfluidics-based approach to fabricate adaptive microreactors with a coacervate-in-vesicle architecture. By incorporating pH-responsive coacervates, we have achieved precise control over the spatial arrangement of enzymatic reactions.

ChemSystemsChem, 2023

This brief review highlights the advances in droplet-based microfluidics (DBM) as a central tool for fabricating cell-like systems with multi-compartment structures inspired by biological cell architectures and functions.

Nanoscale, 2023,15, 2561-2566


This work presents the creation of caged-coacervates enclosed by a semipermeable silica nanocapsule shell, which improves colloidal stability and facilitates regulated molecular transport, enabling the assembly of biomimetic microreactors inspired by living cells.

Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed., 2022, 61, e202207998


This work introduces a method for manipulating the membrane of giant polymersomes using a temperature-responsive polymer, demonstrating that upon temperature changes, deformation, phase separation, and occasional division of synthetic cells can be observed, providing valuable insights into cellular behavior and dynamics relevant to cellular division and fusion processes.

Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed., 2022, 61, e202205266


This work introduces giant polymersomes equipped with light-responsive permeability modulators, allowing control of hydrophilic molecule transport across the polymer membrane to create functional cell-like systems, including a light-activated enzymatic micro-reactor and a coacervate-in-polymersome system mimicking biological condensates’ formation in cells.

Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed., 2022, 61, e202113784


This work demonstrates the creation of robust synthetic organelles using an enzyme co-compartmentalization strategy with silica nanoreactors, allowing for efficient regulation of cascade reactions, kinetics of sequential reactions, and the formation of multi-compartmentalized microreactors within giant polymer vesicles.

Publication list

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* shared corresponding author, § – shared first author


As postdoctoral researcher:


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As graduate student (University of Florida):


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As undergrad student (State University of Campinas):


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